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10 Best Body Lotion Brands For Cold Weather Protection

Updated on: 5/10/24, 11:46 AM

Winter has arrived and it brings with itself the time of tight, brittle, and itchy skin. In this season we need warm clothes and extra care for our skin due to the harsh winter weather. You need extra care for your skin to be aware of this winter season. 

Body lotion becomes an absolute necessity during the cold season to prevent your skin from being harsh, dry, peeling, and irritated. Therefore, we all need the best skin care lotion to maintain the skin’s moisture and suppleness and promote blood circulation and cell growth. In this article, we will discuss the 10 best body lotion brands to   

Best Body Lotion Brands For Winter You Must Try

The best body lotions help counter the severe dryness caused by the dry winter air and maintain your skin, keeping it soft and smooth throughout the year. The best body lotion brands are filled with oat extracts, glycerin, coconut milk, honey, and aloe vera, which nourish your skin and keep it hydrated for several hours. Let’s see the list of some of the best body lotions for winter in India.,


Nivea has the best body lotion brand and it is the perfect idea for your extremely dry skin. Nivea soothing body milk keeps your skin hydrated and lessens skin roughness, and the soothing almond oil heals dehydrated skin for up to 48 hours. Nivea is dermatologist-approved and offers deep moisture to your skin. It is the perfect partner to keep your skin in this winter season.


Lakme is a popular makeup and beauty brand that offers you a wide variety of moisturizing lotions to keep your skin hydrated during the winter season. Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizing Lotion best skin care lotion is a blend of milk and peach extract and a soothing concoction that keeps your skin hydrated and conditioned. It locks the moisture for up to 12 hours and keeps your skin healthy and soft even in harsh weather conditions. It provides SPF 24 sun protection and contains vitamin C to improve your skin tone and protect it from harmful UV rays.


The Pond is an American brand of beauty and healthcare products. It offers a range of moisturizers and body lotions that are best for skin exposed to harsh dry weather. A triple vitamin formula rich in vitamins B3, E, and C, penetrates the layers of the skin to make it silky smooth, soft, and radiant. The oil-based lotion with a thick consistency is non-greasy and leaves a pleasant fragrance smell.


Vaseline is a popular global brand that has a wide range of skincare and lip care products. The company focuses on delivering the best skincare for the winter. Vaseline body lotions are non-greasy and contain deep glycerin and vaseline jelly to provide intensive care. It is the best men's body lotion for winter that heals the outermost layer of your skin and effectively counters dryness caused by a dry winter. It makes your skin soft and improves your skin barrier to skin plump and healthy throughout the day.


Himalaya is the most trusted herbal brand that offers intensive moisturizing body lotion for your winter skin care. It is chemical-free and enriched with natural components, cocoa butter, a natural emollient, and a deep moisturizer that softens your skin and keeps it hydrated. It is the best men's body lotion for winter for all skin types. It makes your skin smooth and supple even on extremely dry skin.


Biotique is another natural company that offers skin-friendly body lotions for men and women. The anti-aging properties of Biotiue body lotion help to promote a uniform complexion and are great for repairing skin damage and restoring the pH balance of the skin. The body easily absorbs the lotion and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day.


Mamaearth is the fastest-growing beauty care brand that offers you a wide variety of skincare, hair care, and face wash. Manaearth body lotion makes skin more glowing and moisturized. The lotion is made with milk cream and honey that deeply nourishes the skin and increases skin elasticity. Mamaearth Honey Malai Body Lotion gives the skin a healthy glow and locks in moisture throughout the day.


Parachute is the body lotion best brand to keep your skin naturally radiant and hydrated this winter season. This non-greasy body lotion penetrates 10 layers deep into the skin and softens your skin without leaving any greasy behind. It maintains your skin moisture loss repairs dry and damaged skin and delivers deep nourishment and extreme moisturization.


We have all heard the name BoroPlus since our childhood. It offers antiseptic cream that is even sold today. The brand has established a good reputation and offers a wide range of winter care products. BoroPlus body lotions prevent dry skin and keep it healthier for longer. It contains milk, and vitamins, especially Vitamin E, Kesar, etc. that soothe skin glow, and deliver all-day moisture.


Joy is a reputed brand that offers various beauty and skin care products. Joy body lotions contain almond oil, honey, and vitamin E. This blend of lotions is the best men's body lotion for winter that effectively hydrates and deeply nourishes dry skin. Joy Honey & Almonds Advanced Nourishing Body Lotion keeps your skin soft, smooth, healthy, and radiant naturally throughout the day. It also lessens wrinkles and fine lines for naturally glowing skin.


Here is the list of top body lotion brands that offer you the best skin care lotion. You can choose the perfect brand to make your winter skin more glowing and natural. I will suggest that you test out the best one that you like the most to make sure how effective it is for you. If you can find a solution to your annoying dry skin issues then comment below or put a star that you loved the most.

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