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Reward Eagle is India's leading cash back site! This website is solely dedicated to providing its users with the best shopping experience and allowing them to save as much money as possible while shopping online. There are several references to "Reward Eagle" in this document, such as "we", "our", and "us". You will be referred to as a user if you visit Reward Eagle's website or make any contributions to it.

Your use of this website indicates that you have read and understood its terms and conditions. The document on this website, which includes information regarding your legal rights and limitations on these rights, should be read carefully before using it. Dispute resolution and applicable law are also discussed in the document. Your use of this Website is governed by these terms and conditions, so if you disagree with any of them you may not use it. In accordance with the current Terms & Conditions, these terms and conditions may be modified or changed in the future, and you acknowledge and agree that if you continue to use this website, you agree to remain bound by these terms and conditions, no matter what changes to them may be made. Check the page periodically to stay informed of any changes. Our website will inform registered members if any material changes are made to this agreement. We will send an email notification to the email address provided by registered members or post a notice on our website. To make sure you are familiar with the most recent version of this agreement, please review it regularly.

Usage of the website

Following are the terms and conditions that apply to users of this website:

The information provided by you on this website is true, up-to-date, complete, and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Users are responsible for getting the same rectified if there are any problems with the same by bringing them to the attention of Reward Eagle. Cashback transferred to incorrect email addresses, mobile wallet accounts, or bank accounts provided by the user shall not be the responsibility of Reward Eagle.

It is your responsibility to keep your account and login information secure.

Reward Eagle requires that you be at least 18 years old before you can register or contribute to it

The terms and conditions of this agreement are valid under all applicable laws, and you are legally entitled to enter into this agreement.

Using the content, videos, or other information on this site for your own commercial or personal gain is prohibited

Anyone may be denied access to this Website or its services for any reason, including violating this agreement, at our sole discretion.

Copying, transmitting, reproducing, posting, or redistributing the Website Content is prohibited unless expressly allowed in writing by Reward Eagle.

Users will not be charged any fees for accessing this website as long as these terms & conditions are followed. Affiliated third-party websites may or may not charge fees for the use of their products or services. We therefore request that you carefully read their website prerequisites before using it. Since Reward Eagle provides information about the charges on the third party website for convenience and information only, such information may or may not be accurate. It is not Reward Eagle's responsibility to control the content or services provided by such third party sites.

Account Information

We at Reward Eagle are one of the leading cashback companies in the industry. As of now, our website only serves Indians and rewards or cashback are offered in Indian National Rupee (INR). Reward Eagle requires members to be Indian residents and 18 years of age or older. Furthermore, each person is only permitted to have one account. The name and email address of our users cannot be amended for security reasons. Consequently, while registering on our website, you are asked to provide only accurate, current and genuine information. You must ensure that Reward Eagle has access to your current email address in order to maintain seamless communication between you and us.


It is critical that you provide accurate and up-to-date information when you register for Reward Eagle.

Users' honesty about themselves and the products they encounter is the key to Reward Eagle's smooth and fair operation. Thus, the following instructions must be followed:

User's membership will be terminated if he or she fails to provide us with a relevant or valid email address.

Any individual can also be denied membership at our discretion.

It is not permitted to create more than one account on the website (not even with different email addresses).

In order to register, you must provide accurate information (as described above).

You are not allowed to display a misleading profile picture or any information about your identity that might make other users believe you are someone else.

Keeping your profile updated and accurate (to the best of your knowledge) is an essential part of maintaining it.

Passwords or any other crucial information you possess regarding your account should not be shared. Whenever discovers activity on a user's account, it may assume that all the activities are taking place on their behalf. If you believe your password has been compromised, please contact [email protected] immediately so the necessary steps can be taken.

Policy on Cashback and Redemption

Cashback organization Reward Eagle is one of the most reputable companies in the industry. On every transaction made through the Reward Eagle website, users earn cashback or cash rewards. It is possible to transfer cashbacks to a bank account or the Reward Eagle wallet once they have been earned, but please note that this process only takes place after the respective brand/affiliated partner has verified them. In order to receive the cashback, the transactions must be genuine and successful. A portion of the commission received from the respective retailer/affiliated partner will be transferred in the form of cashback/rewards to the user once all the above requirements are met.

Concerns about the cashback have been addressed here-

Rejected - Some retailers may not qualify your cashback as valid, and this could lead to your cashback not being tracked. Please note that your cashback is subject to retailer terms and conditions, and Reward Eagle is not under any obligation to give any guarantees about the cashback. In this case, cashback will not be offered for transactions that retailers deem to be non-genuine or invalid. To learn more about Reward Eagle's policies, visit its FAQ section.

Missing Cashback - Missing cashbacks from retailers may occur on rare occasions. Should you have made a genuine purchase and not received a cashback, please contact us at [email protected]. Also, Reward Eagle reserves the right to stop chasing your cashback and close your case at any time. Both parties will be bound by that decision.

Transaction - Reward Eagle adheres to fair business practices and does not tolerate fraud. In cases where a user is found engaged in fraudulent activities or the cashback is transferred to the account erroneously due to software bugs, clerical errors or any other error, Reward Eagle or any particular brand affiliated with us has the right to cancel the transaction. The concerned user will be notified by email or in some other way if the transaction has been canceled by Reward Eagle or an affiliated partner. Within 15 days, the user must return the money to Reward Eagle via bank transfer to Reward Eagle's bank account. The company will take strict legal action against the user if the user fails to comply for any reason. The user shall be fully liable for any legal expenses incurred by Reward Eagle or the user.

Cashback Transferred - It is possible for users to encounter situations in which they receive less cashback than expected. In such a case, we would also have to consider the same situation. We will get back to you at the earliest possible opportunity if you contact us at [email protected]. In the event that the brand/company refuses to pay within six months after receiving the claim, Reward Eagle will close the claim.

Forfeited - Reward Eagle may also forfeit cashback under these circumstances:

A cashback payment will be unattributed if the user isn't logged in when transacting with Reward Eagle.

Whenever cashback is credited to an account that has been terminated by Reward Eagle.

Policy - When you earn cashback from the respective brand or retailer in your Reward Eagle account, you may redeem it in a number of ways, including transferring it to your bank account, transferring it to Reward Eagle's wallet, making PayTM/Mobikwik transfers, buying E-Vouchers, recharging your DTH or mobile, or paying your bills.

Termination of Account

Any fraudulent, abusive, or unfair activity may result in Reward Eagle terminating/deactivating a user's account. A member who does not access his or her account within 12 months or more shall be considered inactive. We recommend logging into your account once every twelve months to maintain your account's active status.

You cannot access your account for commercial or non-personal purposes with Reward Eagle. The account of any person who engages in such activities will be terminated if it is discovered. The decision would be irrevocable and binding, and cashback pending in such accounts would be forfeited.

We will also revoke the memberships of members without a valid email address.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse or deny membership to anyone for whatever reason we deem appropriate, which may or may not be communicated to the individual.


Our website is the only place where some products and services are available exclusively online. There may be a limited number of these products and services available and they are subject to return and exchange based on our Return Policy. Please be informed that we made every effort to display the product's features and specifications as accurately as possible. We have taken special measures to display product colors and images in our store accurately.

It is at Reward Eagle's discretion to limit the availability of their products or services to any individual, geographic area. Any products or services that we offer may also be limited in quantity. Please be advised that the descriptions and prices of our products and services may change without notice. In addition, we reserve the right to discontinue any products or services on our website as conditions warrant. This site does not make any offers for products or services where prohibited by law.

 Our efforts will be made to deliver you with the best of the best products/satisfying service, but we can't guarantee the quality of the products, services, information, or other material you purchase. Reward Eagle will not be held responsible for any product or service you buy from a third party link.

Third Party Links

Please be informed that you may incur extra charges for accessing third party links on this site. You are solely responsible for any products/services you use/acquire from third parties. It is not our responsibility to examine or evaluate the content or accuracy of third-party materials or websites nor do we warrant or assume any responsibility for third-party products, services, or materials. It is not Reward Eagle's responsibility to compensate you for damages or losses incurred in connection with the purchase or use of third-party products or services. If you choose to engage with third party links, please read the terms and conditions carefully. We are not responsible for examining or evaluating the accuracy of any materials or websites from third parties, nor do we warrant or assume any liability or responsibility for any materials, products, or services from third parties. Concerns, complaints, or questions regarding their products/services should be directed to the third party directly.


Through your contract with Reward Eagle, you agree to indemnify and defend our contractors, parent company,  subcontractors, licensors, interns, subsidiaries, suppliers, partners, officers, affiliates, agents, directors, service providers, and employees against any claims or demands by third parties, including reasonable attorneys' fees, resulting from your violation of these Terms of Service, any documents they incorporate by reference, or any law  or third party's rights.

Changes in Terms and Services

Any changes made to the website may not be notified to users, so it is recommended that you always check our terms and conditions. Any updates, changes, or updates we make to this agreement will be posted to our website. Regularly checking our website for updates is your responsibility. We consider your continued use of our website or services to be acceptance of the changes made to our terms of service, once they are posted.


Reward Eagle owns all content on the site and cannot be used without Reward Eagle's written permission. Reviewers were asked to write reviews about Reward Eagle, and the videos were shot by members of the Reward Eagle team. Our website content cannot be used for commercial purposes by anyone or any organization.

Governing Law

Terms and conditions outlined in this agreement are governed by Indian law as those laws are applicable to residents of India and apply to this agreement. 

The Indian Arbitration Act 1996 will be applied to any claim or issue arising from or related to the Agreement. Individual issues and claims should be handled independently, without collaborating with anyone else (third party). The trial and arbitration will take place in Delhi, India, and judgement may be entered in any court having jurisdiction there. Following the final verdict, further proceedings will be conducted as appropriate for all parties.


The enclosed agreement may be amended by Reward Eagle at any time. The revised terms and conditions will be emailed to the users' registered email addresses. As an alternative, or in addition, Reward Eagle will post revised terms and conditions on the website in order to inform everyone of their changes. As soon as the terms and conditions are posted or informed, all amendments will be effective for the users, so please check this page periodically.

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