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Privacy Policy for Reward Eagle

As described in this Privacy Policy, Reward Eagle, a Casley India Private Limited Company ("We", "Us", "Our", "Casley India Pvt Ltd") obtains information about you (defined below), whenever you visit, download, use, or access this website, mobile application, or m-web ("Website"), to access the information, products, offerings, subscriptions, and/or content via any computer or smartphone connected to the internet or the website ("Services").

Our policy regarding the collection, use, storage, handling, disclosure, and protection of personal information you provide as visitors, guest users, browsers, or representatives of organizations that use our services ("User" or "You") is discussed herein.

Please read this policy in conjunction with our Cookie Policy and Terms and Conditions. In this Policy, all references to "Cookie Policy" refer to our Cookie Policy, which may be amended by us at any time. As used in this document, "Terms and Conditions" refer to the terms and conditions that can be found electronically at, which might be amended periodically. Our Terms and Conditions, as well as this Policy, apply to you when you use our Services.

 Whenever We receive information from You through a third-party website (for example, Our Website or a social media login application), we collect it from the third-party sites linked to Our Websites. Our privacy policy applies to the information we collect from those third-party sites, while the information collected by third-party platforms and sites is subject to their own privacy policies. Your personal information will not be subject to third-party privacy settings if you share it directly via Our Websites. Links on Our Websites may take you to sites not under our control, and we are not responsible for how those websites use your personal information. In order to protect your privacy when leaving Our Websites, please review the privacy policies of other websites.

The Terms and Conditions, Cookie Policy, and/or relevant law shall dictate the meaning of capitalized terms in addition to the definitions provided herein.

In the event that you withdraw your consent, the information you provided will be deleted; however, certain information may be archived and retained for legal reasons. If such information is archived, we do not use or disclose it without a court order, government agency request, or law enforcement request.

 A portion of the information that you submit to the Website may be stored on your device (computer, mobile, tablet). To remove such information, you must wipe your device manually. Accessing the Website with multiple devices requires manually deleting the information stored on each device.

User Consent

If you register for an account, participate in a contest, or communicate with Us on Our Websites or through social media, you consent to the collection, use, and sharing of your personal information as described in this Policy. We may need your explicit consent to allow you to access Our services in some countries, particularly those with data protection regulations. The country of registration will be considered your primary country for roaming or frequent traveling profiles, and we will be able to process your personal information based on the consents we obtained at registration.

If you access the Website by using any technology that disguises your real location, we are not liable for any collection, storage, or processing of Your personal data.

Collecting and using personal information

Our Website requires certain information to be collected when you register

Whenever you register using Your web account, including, without limitation, Facebook or Google, We collect the following information so that we can communicate with you and provide you with the Services. Here are some types of information we may collect (this is not an exhaustive list):

First/Last Name

E-mail id

Phone No.

I.P. Address

Linked profiles (Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn) with public profile information.

Data is collected when our mobile application is used

By providing feedback, changing your email preferences, participating in surveys, making comments, or otherwise interacting with us, you are also providing us with additional information about yourself. Among the information you may provide us with are your name, e-mail address, mobile number, location, etc.

Collection of information automatically while navigating/browsing a site 


Among the technologies used on the Website are cookies and other similar ones that are essential to the functioning of Casley India Private Limited. Detailed information about our cookies can be found at

The cookies do not automatically collect personal information about you unless this Policy explicitly states otherwise.

Logs and usage data

To provide our services, we may gather certain information about You through your interactions with the website. This information helps us protect and better serve our users as well as gather information about their demographics, devices, and interests.

In addition, Your Information may be used for internal analytics and research purposes to track Your behavior and preferences. The following purposes may also be pursued with your information:

Understanding content, services, and offers that you prefer;

Analysis of traffic patterns, identification of sales-generating content, and understanding your interests can be achieved through customer research.

Whenever you post to social media accounts, message boards, chat rooms, or any other areas of our website, our servers will collect the information you provide. Information is retained so that we can assist you in the case of a dispute, provide customer support, and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

The above information may also be collected by Our affiliates using cookies.

Collecting third-party information

Additional sources of information

Our records may contain information about You collected from other online sources. Our account information systems may contain these data, which will be handled according to these policies. It may be possible to target promotions and communications to you based on demographic information. Our website tracks user behavior through Google Analytics, among other methods. We use Google Analytics to analyze user demographics and interests via display advertising. Unless you provide us with personally identifiable information, these reports, which are usually anonymous, do not contain any of your personally identifiable information. Users can opt out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising by navigating to the Ads Settings on Google.

Information derived from a third party's website

As a result of linking your Casley India Private Limited Account (if any) with third-party services, Casley India Private Limited may receive information about you, such as your registered email address and public profile information;

Facebook – Email address and public profile information, such as age, gender, and profile picture.

Google – Email address, preferred language, and age

Demographic data and other information

As part of our efforts to provide you with more targeted communications and promotions, we may occasionally reference other sources of demographic information. Apart from our internal analytics, we use various third-party analytics services on Our Website to track User behavior. As a result, we are able to display ads more effectively to our users by better understanding their demographics and interests. We cannot associate any anonymous report with any personal information that has been shared with us. If you want to opt-out or opt-in of receiving advertisements from Our Website or mobile applications, you can do so.

Third-party disclosure

Service Providers

Links to other websites or applications are an important feature of the application (for example, online shops for shopping). Websites and apps of this type have their own privacy policies, which are beyond our control. Your information will be subject to the privacy policies of the application or website you are visiting once you leave Our servers (check the URL in your browser's address bar). It is possible that their policy differs from ours. If you cannot find the privacy policies on the homepages of the websites, please contact the owners directly.


Should Casley India Private Limited merge, be acquired, reorganize, or restructure, we and Our affiliates may share Your Personal Information, wholly or in part with another business. As part of the enforcement or implementation of our Terms of Service or any other agreement, the company may also disclose your personal information to third parties for the purpose of resolving any claims, protecting our rights, the rights of third parties, ensuring the safety of any person, or preventing illegal activity.

Business transfers

We may share personal information collected by us with any of Our affiliates or other trusted businesses or individuals in accordance with our instructions, Our Privacy Policy, and any other appropriate security and confidentiality measures. Service providers, for example, may provide customer support.

Processed information's purpose and legality

Your personal information will only be collected and processed if we are legally entitled to do so. If we are processing your information to provide you with services (such as by group companies or affiliates), we may rely on your express consent or our "legitimate interests" as a legal basis.

The personal data we collect and share through our Services is used for the purposes of providing, analyzing, administering, improving, and personalizing our services and marketing campaigns, processing Your registration, providing You with Services, and communicating with You about the points below. Among the purposes for which we collect information are:

To better understand our audience, improve Our services (including the user interfaces), and provide more effective and efficient services, we may share personal information with our group companies, affiliates, or third-party service providers;

Provide recommendations, tips, and suggestions based on your account needs;

Providing you with a means of communicating with Us via Our Service (for example, allowing you to register for contests and campaigns via one of Our websites);

Advertisers are provided with information about our audience and the value of advertising on the sites (typically based on aggregated traffic statistics) and you are provided with ads that are relevant to you;

Casley India Private Limited can keep you up-to-date on its new features, content, promotional announcements, and surveys, as well as assist you with operational requirements like password resets, by sending you information about Our Service (via email, push notifications);

Keep you informed about changes to our Terms & Conditions and this Policy;

The website provides interactive features that you can use to interact with our Customer Support Team, Data Protection Officer, Data Subject Rights Team, or Breach Response Team regarding any incidents, concerns, or queries you may have relating to our Services;

In response to incidents or questions regarding your rights, our customer service team, Data Protection Officer, data subject rights team, and breach response team may use this information.

Information Use by the Company

The information you provide to Us will allow Us to improve and personalize Our services. Our ability to provide certain services or utilities may also require that we collect your contact information. Information is generally required by the Company depending on the service, and it is used for purposes such as developing new services, maintaining, protecting, improving, and maintaining the Services (marketing on the "Application"). Your email address or other personally identifiable information may also be used to send you commercial or marketing messages. The company may, however, send you emails for purposes other than marketing and administration (for example, to notify you of major changes, for customer service, or to inform you of billing issues, to notify you of security breaches, etc.).

Generally, if the information you provide on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on is publicly available or accessible, then it is not considered sensitive. Public information which users publish on the Websites, including posts, uploads, conveyances and communications, is not considered personally identifiable information. If you do not submit personally identifiable information on the Websites, you may not be able to access certain Services. You will be notified regarding the same as soon as Your account is opened, registered or logged in on the Website. It is not our responsibility to provide certain services to You if the necessary personal information is not provided by you.

You may be contacted periodically about updating your personal information so that you can gain access to features we think you will find useful.

Information sharing

There are limited circumstances under which your information can be shared without your consent:

Cyber incidents may be prevented, detected, investigated, and offenders may be prosecuted and punished when required by law through the verification of identity. We may provide such disclosures if we believe they are reasonably necessary to enforce these Terms or comply with applicable laws and regulations.

To comply with a request from the customer, the Company may intend to share certain personal information between subsidiaries and with their officers and employees for the purposes of processing customer information. In such instances, the recipients of your personal information are also required to follow our security and confidentiality policies and instructions.

What is the duration of the storage and use of your information?

Data collected by us will be retained for as long as necessary. Each locality has its own laws governing this. The information you provide Casley India Private Limited remains in its possession for as long as you maintain an account on the Website and use the services Casley India Private Limited offers. Whenever you wish, you can request the deletion of your information. Some information may, however, be archived and/or retained to comply with applicable laws.

Data Portability

Your personal information may be provided to you in a structured, machine-readable format upon your request. If you are registered on the Website, you can request a copy of this information by writing to

Data Retention and Erasure

We retain your personal information for as long as necessary for the provision of the Services to you, as long as mandated by law, or as long as you request that it not be retained. In the event that You no longer want Us to use Your personal information, You may request that your account be closed and that your personal information be erased. Please keep the following in mind when requesting the deletion of your personal information;

 It may be necessary for us to retain some of Your personal information in order to detect, prevent, and enhance fraud. Upon suspension of an account for fraud or safety reasons, some account information may be retained by the Website. As a result, the user will be unable to open a new account in the future.

You may be subject to our legal obligations that require the retention and use of your personal information. Tax, legal, and auditing purposes could be served by using the information You provide.

When your account is canceled, your shared information may be kept on the Website (e.g., reviews, forum postings). It is important to note that you will not be credited with this information. You may also find some copies of your information in Our database, but they won't be associated with you.

Due to the fact that We retain copies to protect against loss and destruction, residual copies of personal information may take some time to be deleted from Our active servers.

If you wish to delete your information, please email us at Your request will be confirmed by email once it has been processed. Upon deleting your collected information, Reward Eagle will disable your Reward Eagle login information.

Consent Withdrawal and Restrictions

During the tenure of your service with Us, you may withdraw your consent by e-mail. Upon reviewing Your request, we may ask that you verify Your identity. Your personal information will no longer be processed after your request has been verified and after your consent has been withdrawn.

Processing objection

In the event you wish to request the discontinuation of your personal information being used for direct marketing purposes, contests, promotions, or other services, please e-mail us.

You may not be able to avail of certain experiences or services if you do not allow Us to collect your personal information, and some of Our services may not be tailored to your interests and preferences. You will be clearly informed whether personal information is required at the time of collection, so you can decide whether to participate or not. If you have questions about how your personal information is processed or retained, please contact Us using the email address below.

As per GDPR, we must comply with Your requests within 30 (thirty) days of receiving them. An extension of 60 (sixty) days may be requested if the request requires substantial effort or is excessively complicated. You will be notified in advance explaining the reasons for the extension.

For your request to be processed, you must identify yourself and the information you wish to access, correct, or delete. Requests that require unreasonable repetition or systematic effort, are impractical, would compromise the privacy of others, or require disproportionate technical effort (for example, backup tape requests), or for which access is not required may be refused. Our policy is to always provide free access to information and to correct it when necessary, provided no disproportionate effort is required.


Our support email address can be used for grievances or complaints. In case of complaints regarding the processing of your personal information, please do not hesitate to contact our data protection officer. Interested parties can complain to the appropriate data protection authority regarding Casley India Private Limited's data processing activities.


In case you receive an email on our behalf that seems suspicious, please do not reply. It is also recommended that you do not open any attachments, click on any links, or provide any personal information in response to such emails. In the event that you suspect a fraud involving Us, please send an email to Please be as thorough as possible when emailing us with the subject "phishing." We will never ask you for payment information, usernames, or passwords in emails. Our system may periodically verify the usernames, passwords, and other information you provide to Us.

Measures taken to protect data

A variety of security measures are employed to protect data from being accessed, altered, disclosed, or destroyed by unauthorized parties. Data security measures and practices are reviewed internally to prevent unauthorized access to personal data that is collected, stored, and processed. Physical security measures and encryption are examples of these safeguards. All information collected by the Company is stored in a secure database under the Company's control. Passwords are used to access cloud databases protected by firewalls. Even the most effective security system cannot protect against certain intrusions. Contact our Data Protection Officer if you suspect any actual or suspected unauthorized use of your Reward Eagle account, or if your account credentials are lost, stolen, altered, or otherwise compromised.

Modifications and updates

Technology, law, or other factors may cause us to update our privacy policies from time to time. It is possible for us to amend this Policy at any time by posting the changes on the Website. Alternately, we may send you an email if that is more appropriate. This Policy should be reviewed periodically on the Website, in any case.

Contact Us:

Data Protection Officer’s Office

Please feel free to contact the data protection officer (DPO) if you have any questions, complaints, or grievances about the collection, use, or storage of Your personal information. Should you have any questions, concerns, or complaints about the collection, processing, or transfer of your personal information, or if you wish to exercise any of your GDPR rights, please contact them.

You can also write to:


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