Reward Eagle

Refer and Earn

1.    What is Reward Points?

 Reward points are another type of cash reward which you earn when you earn a specific cashback amount. Reward Eagle provides you this extra cashback as a token of gratitude for using our services. 

2.    How to earn Reward Points? 

You earn 10 Reward Points when you earn 500 ₹ cashack amount in your account. Remember you must have 500 ₹ cashback in your account to claim 10 Reward point. 

3.    How much 10 Reward Point is worth of? 

10 reward points is worth of 50 ₹. 

4.    How to claim Reward Points? 

Once you have 500 ₹ cashback amount in your account, login to Reward Eagle Website. Go to your account page and click on Loyalty Program. There you can click on available unlock level and claim your Reward Points. Note: ·        Lock and Unlock levels: A level will be unlocked when the cashback amount reaches to claim that level. For example, level 1 will be unlocked on having a cashback amount of 500 ₹. Now the user can claim 10 reward points. ·        Claiming the Reward Point/Level: After claiming a level, user can redeem the reward point. Once the reward point is redeemed into a cash amount, the level will be locked again. Now the user has to go to the next level to claim that level. ·        In case the user does not claim reward point on reaching a level and crossed the cashback amount limit for the next level, the previous level will be locked.  

 5.    Can I redeem Reward Points for something else other than Cashback? 

 No. You can only redeem your Reward Points for extra cashback. 

6.    What happens if I claim all the levels in Loyalty Program?  

 In that case, all the levels will be reset and you can again start with Level 1.   7.    Is there any other way to earn Reward Points? Currently we are giving reward points only on earning Cashback. However you can earn extra cash with our Refer & Earn program.

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