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Hidesign is a well-known brand that specializes in c...


Hidesign Collection Sale

Expires on 7/1/24, 12:00 AM

Hidesign Free Shipping Offer

Expires on 7/1/24, 12:00 AM
Up to

Hidesign Women's Products Offer

Expires on 6/30/24, 12:00 AM
Up to

Hidesign Men's Products Offer

Expires on 6/30/24, 12:00 AM
Up to

Hidesign Travel Products Offer

Expires on 6/30/24, 12:00 AM
395 ₹

Hidesign Accessories Offer

Expires on 6/30/24, 12:00 AM

Hidesign Offers, Coupons & Deals

Hidesign Coupons & Deals Category

Hidesign Coupons Code & Deals Offers

Hidesign Women's Products OfferUp to 50% Discount
Expires on 6/30/24, 5:30 AM
Hidesign Men's Products Offer
Up to 50% Discount
Expires on 6/30/24, 5:30 AM
Hidesign Collection SaleFlat 50% OffExpires on 6/30/24, 5:30 AM

About Hidesign

Hidesign’s online store extends its commitment to quality and customer service to the digital realm. The website is user-friendly, with well-organized categories and filters that allow customers to easily search for products based on type, color, price, and leather type. The interface is clean and easy to navigate, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience. The online store features a broad assortment of products including handbags, men's bags, travel bags, wallets, and accessories. Each item is showcased with high-quality images and detailed descriptions, including information about the leather and craftsmanship.

Types of Categories Hidesign Offers

Hidesign offers a variety of categories in its product line, focusing primarily on leather goods that combine style, functionality, and quality craftsmanship. Here are the main categories you can find in their offerings:

  • Handbags: This category includes a wide range of women's handbags, such as totes, shoulder bags, satchels, and crossbody bags. These are available in various sizes and designs to suit different tastes and occasions.
  • Men’s Bags: Designed for practicality and style, this category features briefcases, messenger bags, crossbody bags, and backpacks. These items cater to professional and casual needs, emphasizing durability and functionality.
  • Travel Bags: Hidesign offers a selection of travel bags that include luggage, duffle bags, travel totes, and roll-on suitcases. These products are designed for durability and ease of travel, combining spacious interiors with secure closures.
  • Wallets: This category includes wallets for both men and women, featuring bifold, trifold, and long wallets. They often come with various compartments to help organize cards, cash, and other essentials.
  • Accessories: Besides bags and wallets, Hidesign also provides a range of leather accessories, such as belts, travel organizers, passport holders, and key chains. These items maintain the same high standards of quality and craftsmanship as their bags.
  • Footwear: Some Hidesign stores and their online platform may feature a selection of leather footwear, which includes formal and casual options for both men and women.
  • Jackets: Leather jackets from Hidesign are crafted with the same attention to detail and quality as their other products. These are available in various styles for both men and women.

Each of these categories showcases Hidesign's commitment to quality leather crafting and sustainable manufacturing practices. 

Hidesign Cancellation Policy

Hidesign's cancellation policy is designed to be customer-friendly, allowing for flexibility up until the point when your order has been processed and shipped. Here are the key aspects typically associated with their cancellation policy:

  • Cancellation Window: Customers can cancel their orders at no additional cost before the order is processed for shipment. This window may vary but is generally a short period after the order has been placed.
  • Refunds: Once an order is successfully canceled, Hidesign typically processes refunds quickly. The refund is usually credited back to the original method of payment used at the time of purchase.
  • Limitations on Cancellations: If the order has already been processed and shipped, it may not be eligible for cancellation. In such cases, customers might need to wait for the delivery and then proceed with the return process if they do not wish to keep the product.
  • Custom Orders: For customized items, the cancellation policies may be stricter. Since these items are made to order, Hidesign might limit the ability to cancel after a certain point in the production process.
  • How to Cancel: Customers looking to cancel an order should contact Hidesign's customer service directly through their website, by email, or by phone. Providing quick notification is key to stopping the order before it ships.
  • Customer Support: Hidesign prides itself on customer service and offers support for any issues related to cancellations. They can provide specific details and help guide you through the process based on your order status.

To get the most accurate and detailed information regarding the cancellation policy for your specific situation, it's always best to check directly with Hidesign's customer service or refer to the terms and conditions listed on their official website.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of deals does Hidesign offer on its online store?

Hidesign offers various types of deals such as seasonal sales, clearance discounts, holiday specials, and limited-time promotions. These deals may include significant price reductions on specific products or across entire categories.

Q. How can I find out about the latest offers and promotions?

To stay updated on the latest offers, customers are encouraged to subscribe to Hidesign’s newsletter, follow the brand on social media, or regularly check the website’s homepage and the 'Offers' section.

Q. Does Hidesign offer cashback promotions?

Yes, Hidesign occasionally offers cashback promotions. These offers are typically available through partnerships with credit card companies or digital wallets. Details and terms of these cashback promotions are usually clearly stated on the promotion banners and during the checkout process.

Q. Are there any special discounts for first-time buyers?

Hidesign often provides a special discount for first-time purchasers. New customers may need to sign up for an account or subscribe to the newsletter to receive a promo code that can be applied during their first purchase.

Q. What should I do if a discount code or cashback offer doesn’t work?

If you encounter issues with a discount code or cashback not being applied, it's best to contact Hidesign’s customer service immediately. They can assist in troubleshooting the issue and ensuring that eligible discounts are applied.

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